Relief Valves
Anderson Greenwood, Consolidated, Crosby, Farris, Hydroseal, Lonergan, Mercer, Taylor, Wellmark
Gate Valves & Globe Valves
Crane, Kitz, Neway, Powell, SCV, Stockham, Sharpe, Smith Pacific, Walworth
Swing and Piston Check Valves
Crane, Daniel, KF, Powell, SCV, Sharpe, Walworth, Wheatley
Ball Valves
Balon, Grove, KF, Kitz, KTM, Neway, Orbit, PBV, SCV, TK, Velan, WKM
Plug Valves
Nordstrom, Walworth, Audco, SCV, General Twin Seal, Tru Seal, Texsteam
API Gate Valves
M & J, Grove, SCV, WKM, Wheatle, WDI, Foster, JMP
Buterfly Valves
Mud King, Demco, Fisher, Xomox
Control Valves
Fisher, Dyna-Flo, Masoneilan, Kimray
Bettis, Schaefer, Morin, Ledeen, Rotork, EIM, Limitorque

NOTE: We offer quality aftermarket valves and automation. All valves are tested according to API 6-D (or customer specified testing procedures) and each valve is provided with a test report. Our customers find aftermarket valves to be cost effective with a shorter lead time than most new valves.
Velan API-6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

H&H currently stocks 3" through 24" Velan ball valves and is supported by Velan stock in Tulsa, OK which stocks 2" through 42" ball valves.

SCV Products

H&H currently stocks 2" through 16" ball valves and 2" through 8" piston checks. We also have access to all SCV products which includes: ball valves, check valves, gates, globes, through conduit gates, plug valves, rising stem ball valves, double block and bleed plug valves.